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Sarah's Story | 05.10.2022

So we just met Sarah, freshman at Londonderry High School. Right out of the gate, we knew that this kind is exactly the type of person we want to know and support. Sarah is Kate’s type of kid.

Sarah walked in the room and lit the whole place up. Such a kind, warm smile. It’s really interesting how some people make you feel better the moment you meet them. That’s Sarah.

Sarah’s new to Londonderry. Been bounced around a number of places but she’s landed in a place that’s full of caring adults. Her grades are improving and she’s finding her footing. This all made the more remarkable given the incredible obstacles that she and her older sister have faced together. They’re basically on their own to figure out how to get by.

For our part, the KSF wanted to do something nice for Sarah. Allow her a chance to treat herself. Go shopping. Buy a bunch of new clothes. Kate would have taken her herself if she was here. That lady loved to shop. Loved. To. Shop.

We are grateful to John Doherty from Londonderry HS for helping us find you, Sarah. You are a star! Have so much fun shopping. You are now part of the KSF family.

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