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Ruth's Story | 05.16.2022

Friends - meet Ruth...

Ruth is a senior at Watertown High School. She's a hardworking kid who will be graduating in a month. A's and B's up and down her report card.

At the age of 17, she made the incredible journey to the US from Guatemala - alone. Repeat: alone. Repeat: at 17 years old. Things were that difficult.

Since coming to Massachusetts, Ruth has worked to support herself while going to school. Right now she's working full time at night at a restaurant while going to school like any other high schooler. A lot of the money that Ruth earns goes back home to her mother in Guatemala.

Ruth's an extraordinary person who continues to face extraordinary circumstances. She also continues to thrive and grow in the face of all of it.

We're covering her rent for a few months and a few of her immigration-related expenses. Our hope is that this will give her a little breathing room and an emotional boost.

Ruth - you're loved and respected by many people. We feel very fortunate to know you and to have you a part of the KSF community.

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