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Raychel's Story | 11.16.2021

This is Raychel, a smart, loving, senior at Londonderry High School. Losing her mom at the age of 9, and with dad not in the picture, Raychel has had to find her way on her own for a long time. She and Kate met a couple of years ago when Kate tried to help Raychel connect with a group for girls who lost their mom.

Londonderry’s Special Education Counselor, Joanne Ouellette, connected us to this special kid. She and Raychel are very close and Joanne shared her story with us. Raychel works at TJ Max and needs a car to get work. The KSF is covering her drivers ed plus some cash for the holiday season.

Raychel is a survivor and a remarkable person. She was wicked nervous meeting us but did awesome. Such a fun time meeting her.

She’s looking at colleges right now for next year, hoping to get into forensic science.

We are lucky to have her a part of our community.

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