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Nora and Parker's Story | 05.31.2022

Friends – please meet Nora and Parker who are juniors at Amity Regional High School in Connecticut. They were in middle school when their mother and only parent passed away from cancer.

They currently live with a co-guardian while their other guardian manages the financial aspects of their care. While their basic needs are met, these needs are often minimal and many day to day things we take for granted slip through the cracks. Support services are assisting, but we find that as these kids grow older, less is available. The things that families do for one another simply aren't done. Nora bought her own birthday cake this past year. Sucks.

Nora specifically has asked for a bicycle so that she can start to look for part-time employment after school. She has no reliable source of transportation and the twins hope to use bicycles until they can secure their own driver’s licenses to have a bit more access to friends, work, community service etc.

The KSF bought these kids bikes, helmets, etc. Special shout out to Zane's Cycles in Branford, CT for working with us.

Let's be clear: these twins are ADORED and the community around them continue to provide the small things for them - at the least to remind them that they are loved, respected and have many gifts to offer this world. Nora and Parker are beginning to see they do in fact have something to offer this world; that the potential so many see in them is real and authentic.

We're psyched to be able to help in this small way. Thank you to Lisa Conley, School Counselor at Amity Regional High School in Connecticut for reaching out.

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