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Nathan's Story | 01.26.2022

Nathan Wallace is a 15-year-old NH kid. He's a sophomore at Raymond High School. Super active student in his school as a member of the student council, the Raymond Coalition for youth, Reach High Scholars, and the National Honor Society. Also a member of the football team.

Last year, Nathan began experiencing nausea. The kind that lasted for months and put him on every sideline in his life. Doctors worked hard to figure out what was going on and they discovered that Nathan was suffering from a brain tumor.

Nathan's a fighter and he and his family are in the battle. Anyone who's gone through chemotherapy or knows someone who's gone through chemotherapy knows that it's a hard, hard road. Add Covid to the mix and Nate's stuck at home for the better part of the next year. We want him to be as comfortable as possible so the KSF bought his recliner.

Here's a pic of Nate kicking back.

Nathan - Hope you feel the love and support of a community that's here for you every step of the way. Can't wait to see you recovered and back at school, playing football, doing all the stuff you love to do.

Important side note: We got to know Nathan through the wonderful Krystelle Griskiewicz. If you happen to live where my boys and I do, in West Newbury, MA, and you were lucky enough to send your kid to Page Elementary School, you probably know Krystelle better as Mrs. G. Kate loved Mrs. G for our son, Henry. Such a special teacher.

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