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Molly's Story | 11.13.2021

Friends - we’d like you to meet Molly, a 17 year old senior at Andover High School. She’s an amazing person with a passion for horses. She wants to pursue a certificate program that will allow her to use horses to provide therapeutic support to people with disabilities.

We got to know Molly through Heather Norton, her school counselor and a close friend of Kate’s. Heather reached out to us because Molly and her family are dealing with the tragic loss of her 12 year old younger sister, Sarah. Sarah lost her battle with leukemia in February, days before Kate passed away.

Spend five minutes with Molly and her family and you feel the pain and the love they share with one another. Truly heartbreaking. It’s why we were so honored to help brighten just a few minutes of one day for Molly by providing one of our mini-grants to cover the cost of her horse therapy certification. Bonus: Strongwater Farm, where Molly’s training will take place, stepped up and waived all of their fees, too.

Molly is just the type of kid Kate would have loved. Our hearts and prayers remain with Molly and her family.

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