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Mercy's Story | 12.14.2021

Meet Mercy.

Mercy moved to the US about five years ago from Guatemala. Her grandmother sent her here to live with her mom and her younger siblings. She's 17 now. Mom wasn't able to care for her so she's out living on her own.

One of Kate's dearest friends, Kimberly Stewart Osborne is Mercy's school counselor in Watertown, MA. She introduced us to Mercy - this kid is amazing. She is a top student, loves math... serves as a Teacher's Aide in their English learning program. More than that, she's the kindest, most caring person. And one HELL of a survivor.

Mercy doesn't realize her strength - the challenges she faces on a daily basis as a kid are difficult to understand for any of us. But here she is, thriving in the face of all of these obstacles. We've known her for a hot minute but we've become huge fans. Totally enamored. Excited for all that she has in store.

We're helping Mercy with a little money to help cover the basic necessities of life this winter: food, heat. Whatever. It's an investment in a better world b/c Mercy is such a special, gifted person.

Mercy - Kimberly Stewart Osborne knew Kate as well as anyone. You were the first student she thought of when she thought of the Kate Sherwood Foundation. YOU ARE SPECIAL and so deserving! Welcome to the KSF family.

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