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Jonathan's Story | 12.30.2021

Friends - meet Jonathan Cruz.

Jonathan is 20, a graduate of Haverhill High School, MA. He's found his passion in art, specifically sketching and painting. You can see his art on his Instagram page: @jon_cruz091.

Here's his plan: he is going to work part-time while looking for art classes that will develop his skills, moving him closer to a career that includes his drawing and painting talents. There are so many options these days for kids with Jon's skills and interests thanks to digital graphic design work. Adobe Photoshop, etc.

These programs and classes cost money of course. The Kate Sherwood Foundation is supporting Jonathan with money for the art supplies that he needs to get to the next level. This includes traditional art supplies and updates to his laptop so he can do his thing digitally. Some extra cash for clothes for the winter weather, too.

Jonathan - welcome to the KSF family!

Important side note: Jonathan is the son of a very special person in Haverhill. Her name is Mirca Mejias. She's a born leader and always engaged in her community, looking out for everyone around her.

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