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Jayson's Story | 05.18.2022

This week we went to Stoneham High School (MA) and met a junior named Jayson.

Jayson is raised by his single mom who works hard to provide for the family but recently got laid off from her job. Money has been tight at home and Jayson had planned to give up his beloved sports to help pay the bills at home. He also needs to get his license.

The thing is Jayson loves sports, football in particular. He’s a right guard on varsity. They need him as much as he needs them. It would be too bad if he had to give up sports.

In Jayson’s case, a little bit goes a long way. The KSF is covering the cost of his driver's ed and some grocery money to help at home. It’s not going to fix everything but it’s something, enough it seems to keep him playing sports.

We need to talk a bit more about Jayson. He is a very special person. A real go-getter. Over the years, he’s taken on several odd jobs, both because he needed the paycheck, but also because he was helping someone out (friends AND family).

He is unassuming and kind. He choked up when we met with him. Jayson gratitude was very real which only makes us that much more grateful to know him.

Jayson's people are Amy Sancinito, School Adjustment Counselor and Liz Denman, School Counselor. They introduced him to us through Nicole Gustafson (aka Ms. Dillon), one of Kate’s closest friends and the head of guidance at SHS. Kate worked at Stoneham High School for about 10 years.

Jayson - we can picture you driving yourself to school this fall! You’re awesome and I’m sure your mom is so proud of you. No speeding tickets!

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