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Ethan's Story | 03.27.2022

Hi Friends... we want you to meet Ethan, a 15 y/o student at Londonderry High School.

Kate knew Ethan and his sister, Day. In fact, it's not a reach to say that their story is partly why Kate chose to focus her doctoral studies toward understanding "trauma informed education". Ethan and his sister grew up in a traumatic environment. They now live with their grandfather ”Peppe” who provides the best he can. It was a complicated situation but no one was able to reach Peppe like Kate. This family and these kids have been through so much - and survived. They loved, respected, and listened to Kate.

Ethan's old enough now to go through drivers ed. We're covering the cost. For so many kids, a drivers license means that they can find work that helps them and their family. Ethan's in that camp. He's a great kid and we're happy to be able to help in this small way.

The KSF is about finding extraordinary young people who've faced extraordinary challenges. Then we try to do something that's useful. Bigger picture… we want these kids to see the good in the world and how important they are in it.

It's doubly special when we can work with kids who touched Kate's heart. It's hard to think that this won't always be possible.

Ethan - Kate was as lucky to know you and your sister and you were to know her. We'll always be here to support you guys.

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