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Eddie's Story | 01.16.2022

Meet Eddie Matias from Haverhill, MA. 18 years old and a graduate of Haverhill High School. When he was 12, his father went to prison. His father got out of prison this past September, six years later. Eddie has been waiting every day for his dad to be home.

In November, only two months after being released from prison, his father passed away unexpectedly. Eddie and his mom are devastated as are so many others throughout the Haverhill community.

Eddie is in a trades apprentice program that will lead him to earn a living wage, very much needed for his family to get by. The KSF is helping Eddie earn his license and to get the proper identification he needs to open a bank account and do other baseline things. We are also going to help the family purchase a headstone for Eddie's father.

Like so many other deserving young adults, we met Eddie through the tireless Mirca Rivera. In his words....

"Hi my name is Eddie Matias and the goals in my life I would like to achieve for myself is my license. The reason of this is that I can at least have my own transportation and help my mother as well after the passing of my father. It would be very reliable for me because I have no one to teach me to drive since my mother is a single parent and constantly working and attending school to support us. That way I can make it easy with my own transportation and im currently in trade school but not getting paid so it's hard. Bc of the passing of my dad me and my mom are struggling and we barely could afford the funeral let alone the grave stone . So this will help me so i can afford drivers Ed and a gravestone and from there my priorities will be set in line."

Eddie - we're so sorry for your loss. Glad we can be a part of the community that's here to support you and your family. Keep on smiling, brother!

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