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Clayton's Story | 11.27.2021

Friends - we'd like you to meet Clayton Matthews.

Clayton is 18 years old and his passion is cheerleading and he's part of the All Star Cheer program in Keene, NH. That's where he met Mo Greene.

Clayton's a great kid and everyone loves him but the more they got to know him the more they became aware of his absenteeism and disenfranchisement from school. As a teacher herself, Mo started encouraging Clayton to get to school more often, and she and others worked on catching him up on some of his assignments. But, as soon as he turned 18, Clayton dropped out of school. He got a job in a local factory and began working full-time.

The good news is that Clayton stayed with cheerleading. He even fundraised and traveled to Orlando for Nationals and as the only athlete without a parent. Strong kid.

The crew at the cheer gym were also happy to see him back for his second season and even happier when he proudly told them he had enrolled in night school to earn his HiSET (today's GED).

Unfortunately, the financial obligation of cheerleading had become overwhelming. He's working hard at his job and trying to make it work but it's harder and harder to make ends meet. Cheer has been so incredibly positive for him during a pretty dark time in his life so Mo reached out to us to see what we could do.

For those of you who knew Kate, you know that she would have LOVED the chance to help a young man with a passion for cheerleading. I think we are more excited than Clayton to be able to help out.

The KSF is covering the cost of his cheering fees.

Clayton - you're now a part of the KSF family. Kate would have loved what you’re doing. Stick with cheer - AND SCHOOL!

Last thing: Mo Greene is a true gem. None of this happens without her taking an interest in a young person’s life. Going a few extra steps to make a difference. She and KATE are cut from the same cloth. So many teachers and coaches out there helping to keep it together for these kids.

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